Kodi GraceI’ve been thinking about you, and the whole experience! It was a pretty life changing event and I feel so blessed every time I look at my baby girl and our little family! She is such a good baby and brings us so much joy and happiness! Thank you so much for everything! You have our highest recommendation!
~Kodi’s mom


Jen, Thank you so much for all your kindness and encouragement during the labor. We were grateful to have you there. You are so gifted at what you do.
Thank you,
~Jack’s family

Quin Thank you so much for all your help and support! I’ve told my sister she must have you when she is expecting!
~Quin’s mommy


…and thank you, as always for the encouragement.
~Olivia’s mommy

Thank you again for everything that you did for Jaime and everything that you do! We tell everyone about the great work that you do!!                                                                             ~Adoptive mom of Tiffany

Having you there for Jorin’s birth meant the world to me,
to have your knowledge and advice to call on was a great comfort.  
You are wonderful.  Thank you so much!
~Jorin’s mama



My husband and I were so lucky to have Jennifer as our doula for our birth experience. She was a wonderful help and a great resource, and we just really enjoyed having her as part of our team. I feel that I greatly benefitted from her knowledge and her reassuring, helpful ideas.
Jennifer was always so caring and thoughtful, and she really did everything to help us out. She took the time to visit us in our home to help build a strong relationship, and she was very open to all our questions and ideas. She was so patient and never tried to push anything on us. She was definitely very professional and a great listener.
LifkoJennifer often called to check in to make sure that I was doing alright leading up to the birth.  After our baby was one week overdue, Jennifer gave me a list of things I could try to naturally induce. She had so many good ideas that I had never heard of before, and I really appreciated the information about helping to get my past-due baby out naturally.
When it came to the day of the birth, Jennifer came right to the hospital when I called her, even though it was the middle of the night. She was a source of great strength during my labor, andhelped me immensely by suggesting different positions to try to reduce the labor pains, andeven offering her own body as support. She was so patient and listened to everything I wantedto say, and was very respectful in every sense. When I had any questions about procedures, she was right there to help me understand, and to offer her guidance. Jennifer also encouraged my husband to participate as actively as he felt comfortable. I feel that she really promoted the idea of a healthy, natural and positive birthing experience. She was there to help me push out our baby, and our new little son Lifko was able to meet her the first minute he arrived. I am so thankful that Jennifer was there to help us out with our birth. She was an absolutely invaluable resource and aid, as well as being a good friend.
I would definitely highly recommend Jennifer’s services as a doula. Any woman or couple will certainly benefit from her compassionate care and large knowledge of all things relating to birthing. She is a wonderful, wise woman and I am so thankful to have met her.
~Lifko’s mom & dad

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