Upcoming Classes

Hypnobabies® is a 6 week complete childbirth education course! Classes are held once a week for 3+ hours – a total of 18+ hours of instruction. Classes are kept small for personalized attention (maximum of 5 couples per class). Classes are taught at the Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado, 4th floor Spruce classroom. For class availability go to:



*Please contact me if interested in private classes.


Your 6 Week Hypnobabies Course Includes:

  • 18 hours of In-Class Instruction
  • Your 218 page Hypnobabies workbook
  • 7 CDs for the Hypno-Mom
  • 1 CD for the Birth Partner
  • The Hypnobabies Quick Reference Guide for Labor
  • The Birth Partner’s Guide Booklet
  • Techniques from the book, “Back Labor No More”
  • 6 Hypnobabies scripts in a spiral bound book
  • 18 Informative and Educational Handouts


Wondering when to start?

Anytime is fine, the earlier you begin, the more time you will have to practice! The ideal time to start is around 25-30 weeks which still gives you lots of time to complete the program and practice your techniques.

It’s never too early to register! Upon registration and receipt of a deposit, your very first Hypnobabies CD is sent to you so you can begin practicing your hypnosis well before you even step foot into the classroom!

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