Meet Dana

I feel very fortunate to work cooperatively with a very highly skilled and talented doula, Dana Kunze. 

Dana Kunze

I became a doula to offer women and their partners the confidence and resources to make informed decisions about their birth and to encourage birth experiences that are spiritual and emotional experiences rather than medical events alone.

My path to working in the childbirth field began while I was reading the book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup. It was an introduction to the idea of women’s bodies as vessels of mystery, wisdom, and creativity. At no time are these qualities more apparent or important than when a woman carries and gives birth to a child – her ultimate creation. From childbirth education to breastfeeding support, I greatly enjoy offering my skills in support of the childbearing continuum. Through HypnobabiesTM classes and doula services I hope to further a client’s desire to give birth peacefully and with confidence. I am open to working at all types of births as a doula and welcome the opportunity to work with non-traditional families, including same-sex couples.




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